2014 Hall of Famer Inductees


Jerome Chumbly: 1953 to 2007 saw Jerome racing Jalopies to Sprints and everything in between. Sac. Area racing took place during 64 to 70’s. Favorite tracks in the area were West Capital ¼ (tacky) dirt and Tri State Speedway ½ (red clay). The favorite race car at the time was #17 Super Modified. Highlighted career win was at Antioch Super Special 100 Lapper in 1969. For 55 years Jerome raced across the USA, hitting Kansas, hitting Kansas, OK, AR, Neb, and CA – where Bakersfield, Atascadero, Santa Maria, Vallejo, Antioch, Ascot, Roseville, Kearny Bowl, West Capital saw Jerome put in laps. Over the years Chumley has captured one Championship and finished in the top 10 over 40 seasons. A couple drivers were favorites AJ Foyt, & Mario Andretti, plus West Capital locals back in the day. The racing bug hit Jerome at the age of 10 years old and continues up to today, watching dirt is the best but he will watch any and all forms of racing today. Supporting Jerome all these years is wife Ruth. Jerome has been a strong supporter of West Capital Raceway Alumni Assn. join in 12/

Ed Crockett: *The Bird* was born February 4, 1946 into a racing family. He first started racing At West Capital Raceway at the age of 11 where his dad Ed Sr. pitted for Chuck Webb. The Bird pitted for Roger Enos before he started racing in his 20’s and his best finish was 3ed at a 50 lap Placerville Open Show. After racing competitively for 5 years he began pitting for his brother Brian Crockett and Nephew Roger Crockett. He has always enjoyed being a spectator and has never missed a Gold Cup since he was 11 years old.

Pat Hughes: 1976 open show put in a lap in the 12 seconds, just the second time it had been done. Owner Vern Kornbrust decided to run the 1977 season at West Capital. Ran as high as third in points, many finishes in the top 5, set a quick time, this ended Memorial Day when Vern sold the Super Modified. Next was Sprints and NARC, 1977, 78 & 79 ran the NARC shows at West Capital and did well against the best in the business Boyd, Tiner, Patterson & Sue. Pick up rides in #88 super, #84 Super & #57 Sprinter. Retired as a driver but stayed in racing as an official, a midget owner, and worked at Jimmy Sills Driving School for 10 years.

Jack Stephens: Jack’s racing career spanned 11 years 1961 to 1977 and he drove both Super Modifieds & Limited Modifieds. He put laps on Auburn, Roseville, Vallejo, Quincy, Placerville, and the famed West Capital. Winning mains at West Capital and Rosevilleand several semi-mains.No one in Jack’s family raced in the past, but watching racing he admired Joe Giusti. The love of cars & racingis what got Jack out on the track where he won his first event at West Capital in his rookie year. Racing to Jack means Thrills – Speed – Comradery.

NO information on the following: Jerry Miller, Fred Turner. All are deserving to be in the Hall of Fame, you have your own memories of them.

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#99 Sprint owner Vern Kornbrust: 1979 with Jimmy Boyd at the wheel a new track record was set of 12.272. Won a couple of race that year as well. Driver Ed Organ took the last West Capital race May 1980.