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History of the Gold Cup – Race of Champions

In 1951 Harry Truman was President, Chevy didn’t have a V-8, telephones were on party lines, microwaves were something for radio communications, and a big screen was the Saturday night drive-in movie. Things have changed since Johnny Soares chased the first Gold Cup trophy surmounted by a gold lacquered miniature stock car in 1951.

The “Gold Cup” theme has not changed during the past 40 years, as we continue to gather for a year end showdown, featuring the best open wheel drivers in the country. The names, the cars, the purses, and even the facilities have changed but we are still drawn by the people, the speed, the competition, and the happening called “Gold Cup.”

Our “Gold Cup” research took many turns during the past three years but getting the actual race count accurate was a much bigger task than we envisioned. Everyone agreed “Gold Cup” had a continuous run from 1959 to 1992. The odd part of this count was that in 1971 in order to avoid a superstitious 13th race, the event jumped from the 12th to the 14th race.

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